Apr 8, 2012

Does this shirt make my butt look fast?

This past Saturday there was a 5k race in our little town. 
We were contemplating running since it had been over a month since we had ran more than a mile at a time. We decided we wanted to the Monday before so Tuesday I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and really struggled with it. Stopping to walk and bend over in pain several times. Thursday we thought it'd be a good idea to run the course to see if we could do it. When we started running it was raining on us but we kept going. My husband is such an encourager for me! He kept me going & luckily the weather cleared up. When I said I couldn't do it and I needed to stop to walk... He didn't let me. We kept running. We ran the whole course without stopping! YAY!!! So we thought we could handle Saturday!

Saturday before the race it was COLD!!!
My running partner and best friend at 7 am.
We did it!! Ran the whole time. and Finished side by side!!

The course. It was a very hilly route!

We left after we were done running and visiting with a few people.
But about 30 minutes later I got a text saying I had WON A MEDAL!!
I asked if she was teasing me!
Jonathan and I finished the 3.1 miles in 31:45!! My fastest time yet! I couldn't do it without my best friend/husband by my side! I am pretty proud of the medal because it is a symbol of how far I have come in my health journey!!! I am doing it! I am becoming the person I want to be! It is a symbol of how much I have accomplished and how much more I can do! Things I never thought possible - are!!
The race was so much fun. There were about 120 runners. If you have never participated in a 5k race I encourage you to. It is so fun to be apart of a community that cares about health. There were lots of people from our church there so it was fun to be able to run with them too! 
A friend from church (and his son) that we have been working out with came to support us and cheer us on! That meant a lot to Jonathan and me! I'm telling you the health/running community is such a fun, encouraging group of people! (I stole the title from him.)

Plus if you are looking for motivation you can gain it by running a race... Now our training begins for a 


  1. Awesome job KC! And a medal....yahooooo!! That's FABULOUS!

  2. Awesome job KC! And a medal....yahooooo!! That's FABULOUS!



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