Mar 28, 2012

Year of Dates - March Edition

Who says that games are just for kids?!

Yesterday we dropped the kids off with Papa and my husband and I went and played tennis for about 45 minutes (he beat me which I didn't like so much!) and then came home where I gave him his March date night envelope! This date was simple but fun. 
GAME NIGHT - (it was going to be games & m&m's but that part had to be removed.)
We played some games and just had a couple hours to ourselves to be husband and wife and not mommy and daddy. We relaxed, laughed, and smiled. It was refreshing and made me feel young again. I mean I know I'm not old but it brought back a fun youth to the marriage which is so important.

I love my husband with all that I am and we have so much fun together.
I 100% know I married my best friend.

Kai and Brayce of course had SO much fun with Papa! Here they are playing dress up!
She said she wanted to wear BEAUTIFUL shoes and dress. 
She tells Papa me dress up girl you dress up boy.

I'm already planning April's date and am VERY excited about it!!!!

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  1. love your date night ideas!!! you are so creative! :)



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