Mar 28, 2012

Tuesday Fun Day

Tuesdays are a FUN and busy day at our house!
We start out with story time at the library! Singing songs, hearing stories, seeing friends, doing a craft, and eating a snack. Then we head out to find some books to check out, play on the computers, and the stage. On days that are pretty we head across the street to the park to play with our friends for a little bit! It's a great time for socialization and sunshine!

By then our tummies start rumbling and we get to meet daddy for lunch time!!! Yesterday the girls shared an ice cream cone with him. It was so cute! (I wasn't very good at taking pictures yesterday!)
Yawns start to creep up on the girls' faces by now or grumpy whines come! NAP TIME!!! Kai usually sleeps an hour and Brayce likes to sleep 3!
At 4 we have to head out the door for Kairi's gymnastic's class. Kai does such a good job listening to the teacher and doing each activity. She has great coordination and I see an athlete in the future! Brayce does a very good job staying by me and staying entertained. Yesterday she ate bunny fish. I was 10 minutes late yesterday and I hate being late! I felt like I robbed Kairi time in the class. But next week we will leave earlier. Being on time is not my strong suit! A quality I hate about myself... Anyways! Here are a couple pictures from her class.

Then we visited with Papa, played tennis, and had date night. (previous blog post)
Got home put the girls to bed and had a relaxing evening. AKA - Jonathan fell asleep on the couch and I read, played on my phone, and texted w/ a friend.

I love having fun things to do, but I also like our lazy day relaxing times at home!!! :)

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  1. where does kairi take gymnastics? adde would love something like that! :)



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