Mar 27, 2012

Sweetie Pie!

Um... can you say, YUMMY!?!!?!

Friday night my husband and I went to the gym and I did a lot of self reflecting! With all those mirrors in there it makes it hard not to! 
I am becoming more of the person I want to be. My looks have changed a lot these past 2 years.

But not only have my looks changed, I've changed on the inside. 
My attitude, my self worth, my energy level, and my health. 

A lot of my habits have changed but there are sooo many that just like to creep back in and become a constant in my life. One of those things is SWEETS!!! I love sweets, I have always said: "I have a sweet tooth." and also "I am an emotional eater."
Well, I think I have let that define my life a bit. I let me having a "sweet tooth" make it ok to eat it whenever I want. Or if I have any sort of emotional stress I know that chocolate can cure that!
One change that I have been trying to make is a change to my diet. We try to eat healthier but we have let fast food and ice cream take over! I guess I'm an all or nothing type of girl! 
So Friday I decided... NO MORE SWEETS!!! 
Yes, you read that right. No sweets for me. I am vowing to not eat: ice cream, chocolate, cookies, candy, icees, or donuts for 3 months. I am hoping in these 3 months that I can learn that sweets are ok in moderation. And every day is not moderation! I asked my husband, and a FB friend to help keep me accountable. And sure enough my husband told me NO on Saturday - can you believe that?! lol - but him telling me no has given me the strength to know that I can do this. And I will do this. 
I want to be able to eat a cookie without having the guilt or regret! And I am so excited to make this change in my life. 

So it has been 4 days with NO sweets!!! 
Eventhough Sunday I walked in to the above picture and the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Today we went to Braum's and my family shared an ice cream cone, but I was perfectly content without having one! 

Next maybe I will tackle.... FAST FOOD.


  1. You look sooo amazing! I hear ya about the sweets, I have a major issue with ice cream. I just don't allow myself to buy it much.

  2. you do look FABULOUS! way to see what your struggle is and work on it! my struggle is candy-so i just can't buy it-it's killing me not to buy jelly beans-uhg!! you are awesome friend! keep up the great work!!!!



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