Mar 9, 2012

I'm Rubber, You're Glue!

Today we celebrated Kairi's 3rd birthday. She woke up to a decorated house, donuts, and presents. I was home with my girls on this special day. And I was so happy. We were having a great morning. One of those the sun was shining and the birds were chirping mornings! All smiles. Then I talked to my husband who was hard at work but he was having a stressful day. Some things hit him all at once and he was stressed and drained about it. When I got off the phone with him I found myself stressed and short tempered. Or maybe moody would be a good word for it. 
I couldn't seem to shake the funk. I was irritated and taking it out on the girls. I started cleaning the house and trying to pick up. The girls and I went to their room and I was putting away their clothes. Kairi likes to "help" me. Well after having no patience with her and telling her I would just do it myself. She started playing with Brayce but she had something and pretend called her daddy. "Daddy, mommy not want to play. Mommy mad. Mommy mad I lose braycees shoes."
Talk about a wake up call!!!! I went right over to her apologized for my attitude. Told her I wasn't mad and tickled her! Let her help me w the rest of the clothes and then went to make cookies & paint our fingernails.
Now I'm not saying its my husbands fault for my actions and behaviors but attitudes are contagious. And even more than that my husband is a part of me and I am a part of him. When he is happy, I am happy. When he is sad, I am sad. We are one flesh. He truly is my other half! 
Well I was lying here in bed thanking God for blessing me with today and my family when I stopped and really thought of how big God was. How powerful He was and how He sits on the throne in Heaven. How he will be too wonderful for me to be able to even stand in His presence. And I thought, God how are you that big and powerful but you truly care about each one of us? And my answer The Holy Spirit. God sent His spirit to be a part of us and to dwell in us. 
It made me think of the effect I can have on my husband and him in me. How much greater God's spirit should effect me in my daily life and with every choice. And with that how my choices effect God. Am I pleasing to God? Do I make him smile or does he shake his head with disappointment? 

I want God to shine through me and I want to be more aware of His Holy spirit that lives inside me! I want to make my Father proud by glorifying Him in all I do. Someday I want my Father to say, "a job well done."

We don't usually watch American Idol, but we were at my in-laws and they do. I guess last time they sang Whitney Houston songs and this was the review night or the someone is getting kicked off show. A guy on the show said something that made my husband and I say huh?! 
He said "God massed produced a lot of people, too many but when He made Whitney Houston he made her by hand."
What a sad and messed up way of thinking! We EACH were made by hand by God and each one of us are His child. Jesus died and rose for every single person, for Whitney Houston and for the prostitute on the corner, for Bill Gates and the homeless man under the overpass. All we have to do is ACCEPT HIM!

If you haven't ever done this I encourage you to! Let God be a part a big big part of who you are and choose to be his child! 

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