Mar 13, 2012

I think I'm Great!!!

So I've realized that recently my blog has had quite a few posts about me opening up with struggles and issues I have. A comment that was made to me recently made it sound like I was a weak, insecure person. I am not. I have just been sharing some feelings that I usually keep to myself or only share with my husband. I want to be able to encourage others by letting them see all of me.

I am a HAPPY person. I LOVE my life. I have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not good about keeping my quiet time and reading my Bible but something that is a constant struggle to improve on. I truly love my church and am encouraged everytime I am there. I love the worship music, the sermon, and I love serving on the host team. I love that my children love being at church and when Kai tells me about what she learned in her little class, it makes me a happy & proud momma! I truly enjoy being a mother! I have 2 daughters that I think are pretty darn perfect! I love my little family. We have so much fun together and I would rather be at home with them then anywhere else. We are relaxed and laid back in our parenting style. We do not have it all together but the way we parent works perfectly for our family! My children are happy and healthy! My husband is my best friend and our marriage is pretty stinking perfect. We don't fight often and if we have something we disagree about we talk it out until we can smile and kiss & make out - i mean up. :) I can tell him anything and I do: The good, the bad, and the ugly. We love to be together. I could spend 24 hours of my day with him by my side. I don't like to be outdoors because I am truly afraid of wasps and other bugs. I hate this fact about me but it's the truth. I love my house but I want to be in town closer to the park, the pool, the church, Wal-Mart, and my in-laws. Being 4 hours away from my closest friends and family is tough. I have great relationships with them but missing out on their everyday life is hard. But it is soooo special every visit! I love being an aunt, sister, and daughter! I have fears and doubts just like everyone else. I do not think I am more special than anyone else but I do know I am special because my Heavenly Father made me that way!

I find my happiness and joy in God and through my family! I think I am a great and beautiful person. My favorite thing about myself is my joy. I like to smile. And my desire is to inspire and encourage!!!

So when I say I struggle with being lonely, know that I am happy and fulfilled with the love of Christ and my family! When I say I struggle with my self image know that I know what Christ says about me, what my husband thinks of me and how far I have come from the person I was. I am a beautiful woman. When I say I struggle with what people think of me, know that I know the only thing that matters is what Christ thinks of me. I know what my family and husband think of me too.

A struggle is something everyone goes through. We all struggle with different things at different times. Sometimes our feelings are just too strong we have to share, we have to cry, or we have to get mad. My faith in Christ will get me through anything.

I write about my struggles to hopefully encourage and inspire other people to be able to do the same or just to know they are not alone.

I am not a perfect person. But I like me.

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