Mar 7, 2012

Count Your Blessings

I believe each day is a gift from God and I want to treasure each moment and not take anything for granted. 

Here are some of my favorite blessings:

1. My marriage and my husband are a blessing in my life! He is my best friend and my #1 encourager. I love being with him and even through all his dorkiness I never tire of him! I love how we have fun together and can talk about anything! He is my best friend.

2. My girls. I truly believe my daughters are a blessing from God. They are each so special and bring so much joy into my life. They make being a momma so enjoyable! I am so in awe that God has entrusted them to me. Now here's to hoping I don't mess them up! lol

3. My parents. My mom and dad have always been my biggest supporters and fans! They have always believed in me and never give up on me! Their love is unconditional and they are a big blessing to my family! - I LOVE how they make sure to come visit often even though it's a long drive. It helps me know I'm worth it. (Even though I'm pretty sure it's mainly so they can see the girls!) :)  They are always willing to help in whatever ways. I am the woman I am today because of these 2 people.

4. My in-laws. I am so blessed that I live in the same town as my in-laws. They are not only family, they are our friends. We love hanging out with them, whether it's going to Branson or our Tuesday date nights watching Biggest Loser. They have always helped me so much with the girls. They are always willing to "baby-sit" the girls, aka play with them, whenever Jonathan and I need them to. Living in the same town as family when you have young children is a must. If I have questions, need advice, or just need 30 minutes to be by myself they are truly golden treasures! I appreciate their help and they help me be the mother I want to be and they have helped raise my children.

5. My church family. Having a church family is a must. They are there for my emotional needs and spiritual needs. I love Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights so I can see loved ones and friends and new faces! It's encouraging to see so many people that love God and love our church. Fellowship.

6. My health. I don't ever want to take my health for granted again. I am working hard (and need to work even harder) to stay healthy and get fit... Making the right choices to honor God with my body and life.


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