Mar 22, 2012

Brayce Face


I am sooo funny! This is my Brayce Face! 
I am around 24 pounds and I will walk as long as you hold BOTH of my hands! I am getting 5 teeth all at once! It's going to double the amount I have! 
I am very very scared of the Easter Bunny and men with long beards. I made mommy run out of church because of my screams! However, she's going to make me take a picture with that awful thing! (The easter bunny not a man with a long beard.) 
I love love love FOOD. If I see it, I want it. MORE MORE MORE. I love my soymilk but it has to be in a specific sippy cup!
I love playing with my sister. I love putting necklaces or cords on my head (with supervision). I like to sleep in late. Sometimes my sissy wakes me up when I am trying to go to bed but I still love her. I don't like to keep socks or shoes on my feet. 
I love to give (french) kisses. I wave bye bye. My words I will say are "thank you" "Papa" and "wello" if I have a phone.
I am a little bit ornery but my Mommy loves me. She says I am her JOY and I make her heart smile!

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