Mar 21, 2012

1000, 2000, 3000...

I have NEVER counted calories before until this week! And I have to say I am LOVING it!!! 
Now when I say I am counting calories that does not mean I am starving myself! I'm just tracking how many I am getting in a day and have set a goal to 1400 but if I get exercise in on a day I will more eat like 1700.
We have found the most awesome app/website! Seriously check it out!!! MyFitnessPal  It makes it SOO easy to keep track of what I am eating and what my goals are and how many I have left. It has a database with over a million foods! You can just scan a barcode with your iphone and it tracks it with all of it's nutrition info! You keep a daily diary of what you ate! It's crazy if you don't track really how much food you are actually getting and you wonder why you can't lose a pound! (At least that's how I was!!!)
I thought I would hate counting calories! But seriously I am loving it!!! I am trying to figure out exactly how many calories is going to be best for my body. I don't want to eat too much but I don't want to eat too little where I am hungry all day long and my body thinks I'm starving it. The healthy weight loss rate is .5 to 2 pounds a week! So after a week I will evaluate my weight loss and see if 1400 calories is the right amount! If not I'll add some more.
I am trying to do research on counting calories and the healthiest way of eating. I know you should NEVER go under 1200 calories. - What advice or tips do you have about calorie counting? Have you had success with it? What information have you found about it?
Now even though they say a calorie is a calorie is a calorie when it comes to weight loss and weight gain. Choosing calories that are going to be healthy for your body is a must! And also choose calories that will fill you up longer so you don't just eat more and more and more!

My goal this week is to start cooking healthy meals for my family!!! Wanting to add CLEAN food to our meals and have something planned and ready for my family. Fast food is too tempting when nothing else is on the menu!
Also, my whole life I have said I don't like vegetables! Well, I'm not so sure if I don't like them or if I've really never tried them! Time to start adding in more veggies and new fruits! I'm DARING myself to do this!

I am so excited and feel great about this being the healthy way to lose my last 20 pounds!!! I have a lot to learn about it but am excited all the same!


  1. Remember that your taste buds change! So keep trying new things over and over again

  2. We are good at teaching Kairi that but when it comes to trying new things ourselves we are hesitant! Lol we have gotten a lot better tho!! Jonathan loves sweet peppers since Ronnie introduced them to him



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