Feb 2, 2012

why fix something if it's not broken?

The Love Language Challenge

click here. check it out. download the app. take the quiz. improve your marriage!

I am so excited about this challenge and my husband and I both have taken the quizzes and are set to go. :) I am so excited to learn how to better love him the way he feels love!!

So why fix something if it's not broken?
My marriage is the most important thing to me, besides my faith in God. And I NEED to do everything I can to keep improving it, learn, grow, be the best wife I can be, and to honor, respect, and love my husband.

I think I might even read the book - or at least the chapters that are our love languages!

So I encourage you all that are married to take this challenge with me! I'd love to hear how it goes for you and your spouse!!! I'll keep you updated on mine! :)
--Starts Valentine's day!

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