Feb 28, 2012

What's up, Doc?

What a morning! WOW! I'm not sure how working mothers do this everyday. Let me just say, I have so much respect for working parents - and for a lot of reasons!! This morning Kairi and Brayce had doctor's visits for their 3 and 1 year check up.
Well, I stayed up too late and then didn't get up until 8:20 (I had to leave the house by 9.) My girls were still sleeping so I hurried to get myself ready and then got their clothes and woke each of them up to get them dressed. Kai doesn't so much like to be woke up especially since it was just to go to the doctor. She said she wanted to go get a donut. (The only other day I have to wake them up in the week is to go to church Sunday mornings and well yes there are always donuts there.) So I think she was a little confused why she was being woke up and told we had to hurry. -- If you know me you will know I am always in rush mode when it comes to getting places on time! Well I got Kai dressed, dressed Brayce, then changed a poopy... Got the diaper bag ready - SO much easier now that we are done with formula and bottles! Grabbed a banana and milk for the girls and hurried to our appointment. We got there right on time 9:15 and then we hurried up and waited... and waited... My girls ate the banana, drank some milk and played together nicely in the waiting room... and then something started to stink and there was ANOTHER poopy diaper! lol. 
So after an hour we were taken to a room and both girls were checked out by the nurse... then we waited some more to see the doctor. The girls' doctor came in and I had a list of things to ask her about - I highly recommend a list of questions for your doctor or if you're anything like me you will get to their appointment and not remember a thing you wanted to ask about.
She checked Kairi out first. I asked her about her night terrors. She said that is something she would have to grow through but asked about her tonsils. She looked and said yes she does have very big tonsils but does not want to take them out if they don't have to. She gave me some advice on soothing Kai when these happen and gave me some personal stories from when her child went through it. Then I asked about Kairi's knee pain! She said that doctor's used to just put it towards "growing pains" but she said many times that wouldn't be the case. Yes they are growing rapidly but it should not cause so much pain all the time. She guessed Kairi could have a vitamin D deficiency and ordered a lab test for her. Then my last question with Kai was about her itchy, scaley skin. Her skin has always felt like sandpaper but lately she scratches it more and more. I asked if it had to do with milk and she said yes probably so. I am in the process of switching Kai from 2% milk to soymilk. She recommended soy, almond milk, or coconut milk.
Then it was Brayce's turn. Brayce has been snotty and teething but the Dr. looked in her ears and she has an ear infection in her right ear. She said it was the color of my shirt (boomer sooner). Poor baby! She wrote a prescription for some medicine but said try not to fill it and let it run it's course. It's better if the body can work through it on it's own. And she wants Brayce to stay on soymilk as well! Then Miss Brayce had to get 2 vaccinations today and has to go back in 1 week to get the others. They didn't want to do them all at once because that would be a lot of medicines put into her body. - I thought that was a great idea! Brayce did good she cried while the medicine was going into each leg but after that was just fine!
Then the doctor suggested that I get the girls some herbal vitamins - it is an immune booster! They are to take 1 each day and it is supposed to help the immune system get stronger and they will stay healthy. 

I love the girls' doctor approach to medicine and the body. She believes in God and puts that into practice as a doctor and would rather find the problem than just treat the symptoms. She believes in health and nutrition and in natural ways of treating the body. I don't know what you would call it.. a homeopathic view. Or something! Anyways I love it. She is not quick to pump my kids with medicines and really cares about our family and our health! Having a doctor you can trust is so reassuring as a parent!!!
Well it took about 2 hours in total at the doctor's office. The girls were great, I am so proud of them and their behavior! We colored, made a balloon head out of the doctor's glove, and ate bunny fish (organic goldfish). 
Then we headed across the street to the hospital so Miss Kai could get her lab draw. This I was dreading. Kai didn't understand why we had to she kept saying "My knees not hurt they feel better mommy!" Well after waiting about 30 minutes we got registered and went to the lab. I work at the hospital but didn't know the girl that was going to do the lab draw. Not wanting to offend her but wanting to protect my daughter I asked if she was good at it and she said yes... Well it took 3 times before they were able to get a vein. My poor Kairi! My heart broke for her. I was holding Brayce and sitting right next to Kai holding her head and kissing her. She was BAWLING and saying "I want to go home, I want to go home!" As a mom it's one of those times you have to be brave and strong but you just want to cry. She said "it hurts really bad." One of the lab techs went to get Kai a prize and Kairi did think that was pretty cool! She got a thing of bubbles and a kaleidoscope. We walked out of the lab and she said "I want to see my daddy!"
We called daddy he met us at Braum's and we all had french fries and ice cream! (yes NOT part of the diet but I did use my lack of planning ahead by not eating breakfast, Kairi and Brayce in pain and being such good girls, and her wanting to see Jonathan as an excuse to get ice cream... yes, i have been told ice cream is a weakness.  And just a couple posts ago I talked about stress eating. You see, I am not perfect but I'm working on getting better in these areas).
Well now it's 2:40 and my girls are sound asleep and this momma is relaxing!!! I love being a stay at home mom so I am able to take care of my girls during the day. Even with the hard times I do not take a day for granted that I am blessed to be able to do this! 

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