Feb 25, 2012

My emotions never tasted sooooo good

I'm stressed. I'm bored. My day sucks. My kids are bouncing off the walls. It's right in front of me. It sounds good. 
Emotional eating. Stress eating. You've heard about it before and probably have done it. I've been known to say - I just ate my emotions and they tasted sooooo good. (usually like pizza and ice cream) (SN: I was told ice cream was a weakness of mine, maybe I should've known that but I had no idea. So this is something I will definitely try to take control of! Ice cream is not stronger than me... I think.)
I don't know how many times in the past I would have my feelings hurt or something and say "I NEED A POP!!" or chocolate.. 
Last week Kai was stressing me out because she wasn't listening to what I said - her new favorite thing to do. I dont remember all of the details now but it had to do with cleaning the playroom. (something i shouldve had more patience with.) So I started to get stressed out and what did I do? Head straight to the kitchen to find some chocolate. 
What are the situations that cause you to stress? Are they situations you can avoid?
Tuesday night at our weight watchers meeting we talked about this topic. Obvious common sense stuff, but that's usually the stuff that hits home the most. 
Why do I eat when I'm stressed, even though I know it can interfere with weight loss?
Because food is a stress reliever. I'm not sure exactly how but it releases a hormone, endorphins,  in our brain that calms and relaxes us. 
Recently I asked on Facebook how do you relieve stress?

What is your favorite way to relieve stress? What are healthy ways to relieve stress?
My WW leader asked us about stress relievers at the meeting, I said sex. Well that embarrassed her, she was speechless and promptly moved on from that question. Everyone was giggling and couldn't believe I said that. Guess they either haven't ever tried it or we're too embarrassed to admit it. Talking about sex is so taboo... Anyways! It was funny. 
There are healthy ways to relieve stress. Because stress (or whatever emotion that causes you to eat) WILL happen! 
I'm trying to change my reliever from eating to running and for those quick moments that I need relief ASAP and can't go for a run at that moment to praying. 
When we are trying to get healthy at some point we will have to break the bad habits and the cycle of running to the kitchen cabinets!
Would you rather deal with stress or regret? Everytime - ok not every but usually. I have instant regret of what I put in my mouth!  I was reading a blog this morning and one of the comments left said she was trying to learn to pray before you are tempted or sin. Don't wait until after. I LOVE THAT!!! So obvious but yet not! We need to find our strength & will power in the One who created us!!! Learn from our stressful moments and instead of regret celebrate a victory of choosing a healthy reliever! And even learn how to not be so stressed in certain situations!

REMEMBER: Eating never solves the problem.... Unless its hunger. :)


  1. hahaha okay I am laughing at your remember comment. But, this is a hard lesson to learn. You have to retrain the way you handle stress. I think its a long journey but its worth it. I used to eat for stress too... then before I became a mama I would run or work out. But now that I am mama... I start breathing super deep and then remind myself to calm down... which I am working on when I do that starting to pray. I have a friend who prays out loud when her kids are driving her crazy. Maybe it hints something to them and keeps her going to the Lord? Well it works for her. Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Amanda Cox Whitney I am actually really encouraged to read about you getting stressed by your kids! I've literally never heard you mention getting stressed as a mom before, and I used to feel bad that I got so stressed when you never seemed to. (Not that comparing myself to other moms is ever fair or healthy...) But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has those moments! :)
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    Chelcee Nyberg Love this!! KC you're so funny.
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    Holley Porter So funny KC. My sister is a health coach, her Facebook is naturallynurtureme. Last week she put up a post about how sex is really good for us and we all should do it more. Needless to say that article led to some
    Funny texts to my husband
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    Stacy East Clark So funny!!! Great blog!
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    KC Whitney Lol of course I get stressed by them Amanda. :) I mean I love being their mom all the time but sometimes I wanna pull my hair out but that's when I take a break or a deep breath... Or eat chocolate. :)
    Holley that made me laugh about the texts. ill check out ur sisters page!
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    KC Whitney Thanks Girls for the feedback on the blog! :) love it!
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