Feb 21, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk...

Today is the last day my little girl will be a baby (I mean she'll always be my baby) but tomorrow she turns 1!! I can't believe it! Brayce is so full of life and so happy. I love her personality and she always makes me smile. She has so much joy in her I can't even explain. And that gap tooth smile makes my heart melt everytime!!! To sum it up : I LOVE my daughter. Unconditionally. 
And with all that love comes a whole lot of worrying! (a big reason why i am pretty sure we only want 2 kids - not sure my heart can hold more love and worry than what i have for these 2! Wears me out loving that much! Lol) Anyways, I know we aren't supposed to worry but sometimes it's near impossible not to! "Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" (Matthew 6:27 NLT)
Some of the things i worry about: Brayce is learning to walk so I worry about her falling and bumping her head. I worry if her development skills are where they should be. I worry if she is eating enough and pooping enough. I worry about her barely talking. I worry about how much attention i give her. Is it enough? Is it too much? (impossible!) i worry if i am teaching her enough or disciplining her. I worry if i treat her like a baby. I worry if I am being the mom I am supposed to be...
Well, today we threw out the formula and started Brayce on soy milk. 
[Why soy? She's been on soy formula ever since the doctor recommended she switch due to eczema/skin rash and she recommended she stay on soy because it's better for her because of the natural ingredients and without the harmful added things - The protein they put in the cows etc.  I truly trust my doctors advice. Shes the best! And I think soy milk will be great for both girls!]
Well we tried the milk first in the cups Kai likes milk out of - the hard tipped thermal cups. Strike one...
Next the sippys w the straws (she likes juice out of these) strike 2!
Not wanting to "fail" I wanted to find out if it was the milk or the cups. We put some in a bottle and she drank it no problem. 
Ok so we had one more we could try on sippys before heading to the baby aisle at wal-mart to buy one of each... The soft tip! Yay!!! Not quite a home run but it was a hit at least!
She drank it very well and seems to like the milk just fine. - Brayce is not the picky eater like Kai! 

Well it came time for Brayces nap and she would not lay down & would not sleep. Then the worrying begins. Does the milk hurt her tummy? Is this going to even work? Maybe she still wants bottles? Maybe she's still hungry? Is this milk going to make her sick? Maybe I should wait.
Well Brayce usually sleeps at 11 but finally at 2 I got her to lay down... For 40 minutes. Not her normal 3 hour nap...
Worry some more! Oh no! Is she not going to sleep well anymore? What am I doing wrong?
She played well and acted herself through out the day tho. Supper time came and we made spaghetti! She loves it but obviously immediately after was bath time!
More playing and we had to watch The Voice and then time for bed. She drank a glass of milk and then the scream fest began again! Oh no!! Worry worry worry - Same worries! 
well after 3 hours of trying to get her to bed I realized Im horrible! She's probably still hungry! I mixed her up some cereal and she downed it. A few more bumps in bedtime but hopefully she's down for the night w a happy and satisfied belly. 
Looks like she's not the only one who is going to have to adjust to her new eating habits! We both have relied on the bottle to keep her full she needs more substance! I have a lot to learn. 
Well eventhough I worry that I'm not a good mother or that something I do will hurt my baby. I tried to be reassured that I'm doing the best I can and that God has given each of us the natural ability to parent our child better than anyone else. 
However I am continually looking for help or advice and that's ok! 
I have to give a huge shout out to my partner in all of this craziness, my hubby who without him I would be crazy and a mess. He is such a good dad and husband. And eventhough sometimes I wish he had a little more "freak out" in him I appreciate his calmness and it really helps me and reassures me that our girls will be ok and that I am a good mom. 


To all the mommas out there reading this: you Rock!! Your child is lucky to have you as it's mom and let's all be here for each other for support and encouragement. Not for comparisons and putting each other down. None of us are perfect but we are the perfect one for our child!! Keep up the good work!
Worry weighs us down; a cheerful word picks us up. (Proverbs 12:25 MSG)

Well it's 12:45 and usually I reread my posts to see if they are any good and what I need to fix or just delete it all together but i might just be too tired for that. :) so sorry if this post was boring and made no sense! Bed time for this momma!


  1. Thanks! I needed this. We are starting the switch from bottles to cups.... and when we try he screams like crazy at me. There is so much worry with this parenting stuff. Thanks for the reminder that its all going be okay and God gives us what we can handle!

  2. Thanks for writing this! It's good to know other mommas feel the same way! Everyday I worry if what I am doing is the best thing for my girls: should they be sleeping more/less? are they eating the right things? do they know how to do all the things they should? do they watch too much tv? :) Thanks for the encouragement!



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