Feb 27, 2012

Birthday Party Fun!!

My niece Emmy turned 6 this past week and we were able to head down to their house to celebrate with her!! My sister through a beautiful party. It was "Candyland" and her whole house smelled like sugar! She amped the kids up with cupcakes, candy, and kool-aid! It was a lot of fun and we loved being able to spend time with my family eventhough it was just for a short 24 hours! 
Here are a few pics from our visit:

These 2 girls are my joy! :)
We have fun together!!!

xoxo hubby! playing the Monopoly card game

Pop, Mimi, and the girls!

Kai and Katon
Katon is my oldest niece and soooo special to me.
She is such a sweetheart & Kai adores her!

Brayce Face I will ALWAYS love this!

My niece Emmy turned 6!
She is such a beautiful young lady. So sweet and nurturing. 

My momma!!

My sister Morgan with her hubby Kurt and 3 boys!
Love these boys! (#3 will be here in 13 weeks!)

My sister Meg, husband Kenny & their beautiful girls!

Hanging out during the party

The whole crew!!!
7 kids under 8 years old (and one on the way!)

My oldest & dearest friend Jill and her sweet boy Graham.
We've been friends since we were our babyies' size!!

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