Jan 11, 2012

In need of some TLC

When my baby girls don't feel well I never like that. But Monday I especially didn't. We are out of town and are visiting friends and family (without daddy being here too). So it was a little rough when Kai just kept getting worse and worse. When my mom got home from work I mentioned to her that Kai really needed some medicine, most likely amoxicillin but I didn't want to have to take her to the ER. My mom made a phone call and got us right in to her doctor. We left right away and we got to go right back to the room. Kai had a 103.4 temp and was too lethargic to even keep her eyes open. 
Sure enough she has a double ear infection and her tonsils and throat were ├╝ber red and swollen. 
I asked the PA if she would also take a look at Brayce bc she was acting the same as Kai just not quite as much. Yes, Brayce has an ear infecting and a red throat. 
She prescribed both girls some medicine and we went right to walmart to get it. 
Then after that we came home and I was carrying a crying Brayce an overflowing purse/diaper bag and the medicine... I dropped the medicine and of course Braycee's was in a glass bottle and busted everywhere. Let's just say tears started coming from my face too. Stress had hit my tear ducts. 
My mom was so sweet and just came and gave me a hug and told me it was ok. That meant so much to me. I knew it was going to be ok after that. My parents went out to get a new bottle of medicine for me. Thank you so much I truly appreciate your help this week. 
Yesterday there was slight improvement & they both slept so well last night I had high hopes that they were going to wake up feeling 100%. Wrong!
Poor babies had such a rough morning. Braycee was coughing so much she threw up everywhere - all over me mostly. And neither of them could stop crying. 

Now it's 1:00 and I think things are looking up. Kai actually ate a little bit and Brayce is taking a nap. 

Not much worse than sick babies. I just want to take their pain away. Being away from my husband this week has been really hard I miss him sooo much. But my parents have been so much help! I've had a good time just getting to spend quality time w my mom & dad. And now that the girls are a lil better hopefully we will get to spend some time w the "friends" - my nieces and nephews finally!

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  1. sorry they are sick...It's rough taking care of sick ones :( Praying for energy for you and quick recovery for your girls!



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