Jan 11, 2012

Highs & Lows

Low: a friend lost her dad. High: I got to come home to give her a hug.

Low: I am away from my husband all week. High: I am spending a lot of quality time w family and friends.

Low: both my girls are sick. High: we got in to a doctor and got medicine for them.

Low: I did not stick to my goals of tracking and running due to the unforeseen changes in plan. High: I can continue my goals now and am learning to lose the excuses.
Low: I am stressing over finances. High: it's teaching us to tighten the belt and God blessed me - my meal was free last night from to the restaurants manager & i found 2 coupons today at the store for brayces formula. It's the little things!!

Low: the place i love to share my pictures is gone. High: I deactivated my Facebook account. I have so much more time to do more important things and am no longer constantly refreshing my newsfeed. It's such a freeing feeling.

(I stole the idea of having a high and low blog post from another girl's blog. I thought it was a great idea. Thanks Josie!)

1 comment:

  1. I love this post KC. I am sorry about the lows but it's great that you can see the positive in the bad times. The bottom pic of you is especially beautiful and I have been so encouraged by your discipline. <3 Keep it up.



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