Dec 5, 2011

This ones for list makers

Have you ever had a ton of stuff to do so you make a to do list and at the end of the day barely anything got crossed off so u chalk it up to another unproductive unsuccessful  day? And then tomorrow comes and not only do u have yesterday's to dos but you now had to add 10 things for today leaving you discouraged and unproductive. 
I know I do! I'm a big list maker! Never ending list of things to do and things to buy - I call that one my Wal-Mart list. 
Well what if we added at the end of the day the more important list - the "I did" list. Not many things feel better than crossing off things off of a to do list. But I think seeing all that you accomplished that day will help you be more productive and encouraged each day. 
I was thinking of this because to feel clear minded I have to have a list and get organized. So this morning I got out my pen and paper and started writing of all the things I need to get done. Well it's been 6 hours and I think I have got to cross one thing off so far! :( Blah! 
So I was thinking I needed a list to show myself the things I did accomplish!  - doing laundry, some JKphotography stuff, painted Kais fingernails and cuddled w Brayce... Most of those things weren't on my list but they make up for a successful day. 
I don't know.. Lol just what's in my head I know this is a dorky post and most of you probably didn't read down this far but oh well I'm going to try it! Oh and if you are not a list maker this makes absolutely NO sense to you I know! :)

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