Dec 22, 2011

Priorities vs Excuses

Today I ran into a lady who's daughter's family go to my church and she said yeah they haven't gone in awhile. She told me she was going to go last Sunday and when I talked to her that afternoon she said they didn't get up out of bed. So I said yes when you get out of habit it gets hard to get back and it gets easy to make excuses. 
My first reaction was to be annoyed with this girl and her family for skipping all the time now. Mostly because I miss them. And man our church and God is too good to miss out on! 
But then I started thinking about the areas in my life where I skip out on and make excuses for. Areas where someone could get frustrated with me for not making it a priority. Areas where I get frustrated with myself. 
I make excuses for not reading the book: "The Story" and my Bible & devo books but yet I sit on Facebook for hours to get caught up on what's going on with 600 of my not so close friends. But yet won't spend 15 minutes a day spending time in the Word with God. Then there is my finances. We want to be debt free by paying off our school loans soon but yet I can't because I need those new shoes and the house needs this and old navy sent me a coupon, and don't forget I like to eat out... Speaking of eating: Then of course there is my weight loss. I make excuses so I can eat whatever I want but yet is not helping me lose weight. Being overweight should be a top priority to change. I'm sure some healthy people get frustrated with overweight people for not taking care of themselves. And then there's running! I want to be a runner so bad yet I could give you a 1001 excuses why I can't run today. 
With all of my confessions being said - I do have the time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It's all about what we CHOOSE to fill it with. It's up to us. We have to plan our time or something or someone else will do it for us. And then before we know it 5 years has passed and we are in the same boat, or even worse off.

Just because i have my priorities does not make it someone else's. 
What are your priorities? What excuses do you find yourself making? 

A few of my priorities:
1. My Family - being a good wife and mom
2. God & church 
3. Losing weight & running
4. Finances

Now I just have to give up the excuses and let my behavior do the speaking for what really is top priorities in my life. Bc I have to wonder what someone looking at my life would list out for my priorities... what they see. 
What changes do I need to make in my life? What things do I need to get rid of to help me with my goals?
Priority over Excuses!

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