Dec 7, 2011

Nose Job :)

As I sit here w my husband as he recovers from his sinus surgery I have to thank God for our health. I do not like seeing my husband like this. Out of it. Bleeding. And hurting. At a hospital. - So thankfully this was a surgery we chose to do to help him w chronic sinus infections. Not a major surgery that he HAD to have for a life or death illness.

2 years ago we took an interest in losing weight and getting fit. It's been a process w hiccups and plateaus but we have learned so much through this journey. and slowly have improved our lifestyle to become more balanced w our choices and actions.
I want to be healthy. I want to be a good role model. I want to live a good long life with my family by my side.
I have to take care of myself to do that and that is what I'm trying to do. I'm not only trying to lose weight to look better. I want to lose this weight to add years to my life. Years where I am healthy and able to enjoy life. I will never be this young again - the time is now.
Get active. Be active. Limit fast food. Make healthy choices.
We are home and settled in. He's been sleeping which is good. He can have another pain pill in an hour. His nose his bleeding which I don't like but the doctor said that it was normal as long it's not gushing. He's not supposed to breathe through his nose and he's not doing a good job at that while sleeping. I've woke him up about 5 times to tell him.
His mom is watching the girls for us while I try to play nurse and his dad came up to keep me company during the surgery & it was fun getting to talk to him. Them and My family have been praying for him and now for his recovery. I appreciate each one of them more than they know.
Feel better baby! Love you and we are hoping and praying this fixes you and that you don't get a sinus infection 6 times a year!!! 

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