Nov 17, 2011

It's been a JOURNEY.

Well, I'm happy to say I have currently lost 54 pounds! It's taken a lot of hard work and time! Weight loss truly isn't a race. There are good times that it falls off and then times you stay at the same exact weight for months! and unfortunately those times where you gain some back.

In 2008 I was 217, got pregnant and got up to 250! YIKES!!! After Kai was born I was at my heaviest of 226 and stayed there for quite some time. I was not comfortable in my own skin much less my clothes. I wore xl tshirts that were even too tight wore size 20s that yes were too tight. So mainly I wore sweatpants and looked uncomfortable and felt uncomfortable constantly. Until it hit me! I needed to get my butt in gear. I lost my first bulk of weight by running and weight watchers. I went from 226 down to 193 until I became pregnant in June 2010. And then I got back up to 237. After Brayce was born I lost 30 pounds within 2 days but was stuck at 208. Ok time to WORK WORK WORK for it again. So beginning April 2011 I started working again. Slowly at first. This year I have tried running, weight watchers, eating clean, and Insanity. I got down to 189 and was there for awhile. I did a FAST and got down to 183 within a couple weeks. Then once again there I sat at 183.

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to the HCG diet. I was skeptical but did a lot of research and heard some testimonies and said I wanted to give it a try! I started on 11/3 at 182.6 and as of today 11/17 I am at 172.0. I am losing an average of .8 pounds a day. It is a very strict low calorie diet and you take hormone drops 3 or 4 times a day, which are also appetizer suppressants. I will do this for 40 days in which I hope to lose 30 pounds and then will enter maintenance phase for 3 weeks. Then I will be 10 pounds from my ultimate weight loss goal!!! (which is 140).

So why the drastic measure of doing the HCG diet? Well I don't really see it as a drastic measure. It is safe and dr approved. And I am LOVING the results. I haven't felt this great in I don't know how long.

In January Jonathan and I are going to start Insanity again and do that for 2 months. I plan on doing weight watchers to lose the last 10 pounds and then I want to become a runner. And stay active and fit!

I am ready to WIN THE BATTLE of obesity and start living my life as a healthy, fit, normal weight person.

**can't wait to go clothes shopping!!! :)

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  1. You are so rad! Keep up the good work. You are looking good and Im sure you feel that much better. Cant wait to hear you meet your goals!



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