Nov 23, 2011

I heart SEA WORLD!!

Quite possibly one of the best days of my life. 
It started out so perfectly... Early, but perfect. My Brayce wanted to wake up at 6:30 so we cuddled as she ate her bottle I thanked God for her and stared at her in amazement that in a few short months I would have another 1 year old. Then we played quietly in the room as Daddy and Kai snuggled in the bed. And I sat there on the floor being the most blessed wife and mother there ever was. 
Little girls don't stay little forever. I will cherish EVERY moment!!
In the afternoon we packed our things and headed out the door for Sea World day #2. First things first... SHAMU!! :) we had fun playing and seeing the animals. Kai was tall enough to ride the Shamu Express roller coaster this time! She is fearless. Brayce is so great. She cruised in the stroller but liked being held by her favorite ppl too!
One of my favorite moments of the day-- Kai was eating some Cheetos on the stroller and all of a sudden started bawling alligator tears. She had dropped the (almost empty) bag. She was heartbroken. Nonnie offered to go get popcorn or ice cream but no she wanted those Cheetos. We tried to console her but the tears were streaming. So I say "well go get them and eat them then!" why not!? :) she looks at me like really mom!? And we both go over there to get the Cheetos as she proceeds to eat every little crumb off of that dirty ground. And her tears are gone and she is the happiest little girl in the whole wide world again. :) lol maybe not sanitary but why not? :)
A lesson I learned today : why say no when you can say yes?
Yes kids need boundaries, rules & guidance. But they also need fun & childhood memories. My in-laws are the reason why Jonathan and I are able to give these memories of Sea World to our girls. Memories not only my girls will have forever but I will!!! My heart is full of gratitude & love for them. I still remember my childhood trips to sea world and other fun places and I am just thankful for all the opportunities to share w my girls. I think it's even more fun at sea world as a mom than as a kid! How is that even possible?! 
Anyways... Maybe they don't want me to share this but I have to - for my sake. They understand what it's like to be on a tight budget where money doesn't allow for a lot of things. With that being said they allowed Jonathan and I to be able to say yes yes yes to our girls at sea world this week. Toys, stuffed shamus, t-shirts, a hat, yummy food, and more. They help us spoil our girls rotten with not only gifts but love and memories they will cherish forever! We most certainly did not need one more stuffed animal at our house but Kairi & Brayce did. thank you mike and lynda from every inch of my heart. I love you both! 
I love my daughters and husband. I love my in-laws. I am so thankful for this week at Sea World... Thanksgiving tomorrow. I know what I'm grateful for! :)

Vacation: being free, at leisure & rest, a break of duty... Family & Fun. :)

(I haven't had the chance to upload my pictures from today. These are from yesterday's great adventures!!) :)

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