Oct 17, 2011

Life has been unorganized. Life has been busy. but Life has been great!

Unfortunately, we fell hard off of the wagon of Insanity. Something we are still working on to get back on track! We have eaten poorly ever since my last post (over a month ago). We have not gained but have not lost any weight. We have felt sluggish and are currently trying to feel better again. Last week we started eating less and already are feeling a little better. We went shopping at Old Navy's 75% off sale (twice)! Got TONS of new shirts for each of us! I'm so excited about them! But after looking at a picture of me in it I know I need to FOCUS and work on my self control! *Galatians 5! I am NOT at my goal but I CAN achieve it if I work for it!
It seems when I get unfocused on one aspect of my life it all goes crazy! Health, Finances, Spiritually, and my house gets messy! an organized life makes me happy! - maybe I'll start blogging again and get back on track with life!?
JKphotography STUDIO!
a life long dream has come true!! - no I did not get to pet Shamu, but we are opening up a photography studio!!! The dream is even better than I ever imagined it because my "coworker" is my best friend, my husband. 
There is SOOOO much work to do to get ready for it to open! Painting, cleaning, furniture, forms, and getting organized! We HAVE to be ready by November 12th for Grove's Christmas Open House! I am pumped!
And am so excited to see what God has planned for us and our business! *We pray that everything we do brings glory to our Father. We are unsure exactly how He is going to use our studio but excited!
the meet and greet room.
my best friend. my husband. photographer.


  1. It looks amazing! I love the sofas! I can't wait to see pics from it and hear about your opening! I love your family and following your life. hehe. <3 You're so cute and have def. been an inspiration to me on weight loss. Keep going! ~Jill (on Jacobs profile)

  2. Congrats on the studio!!! That is awesome! PS. Your girls are SO cute! Maybe almost as cute as mine:)haha!



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