Sep 7, 2011

Spontaneous Family Fun

Monday I came up with a great idea! Let's go to Branson! :) Mike & Lynda and my lil family of 4 packed up and headed out! I had the best time! We got there around 4 checked into our hotel and went to Branson Landing. We shopped, took the girls to Build-a-Bear, and ate some delicious food! Then we went back to the hotel and Jonathan, Kai and I went swimming. As soon as Kai got in she said "FUN!!!" :)
In the morning we had breakfast and "all of us" (as Kai demanded) went swimming then it was time for more shopping at the outlets! We spent 3 1/2 hours at Tanger Mall. We hit up almost every store and all got some goodies! I mean hello! Old Navy had EVERYTHING 40% off plus I had a 10% coupon! We got some great things (in smaller sizes)! I got the girls their shirts for their Birthday party too! Kai now has enough long sleeve t-shirts to get her through the fall and winter.
We had a lot of fun. The girls were amazing the whole time. Not one melt down or fit was thrown. All smiles. I love my laid back, easy going girls! (I would love them if they were grumpy butts too tho!)
Here are a few pictures from our trip:
The whole gang at Build-A-Bear Workshop
Brayce put Beary's heart in with Nonnie's help
Daddy and Kai
Brayce & Beary - Kai & Football Kitty
Supper time! :)
Brayce's first time in a high chair. I love you too Braycee!
Swimming at the hotel! Kai said "FUN!!"
At the outlet malls!
Papa taught her how to ride a bull! :)
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  1. So much fun! I love Branson! Your family it too cute :)



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