Aug 1, 2011

Why are you following me?

Lately I've been thinking about what it means to be a ROLE MODEL
When I had a child I automatically became a role model and BAM double role model with baby #2! 
Kids are ALWAYS watching us and learning from what we DO. 

I have been overweight my whole life and have always been a junk food queen. Love cheetohs, sweets, and well anything bad (but oh so good) for you. My weight got out of control when I was 20 and now I'm 26 and ready to get it under control! I've been working at it for months now and it's been going well. But I still have a LONG ways to go.
It's a slow process but I just keep telling myself "I didn't put it on overnight..."
I did weight watchers for a while and do love that program. It works! But I want to start not only doing portion control but actually know what's going in my body! Healthy foods! So I'm trying! [not that WW doesn't have you eat healthy foods, but i chose to eat the same things just smaller portions] I've ordered a couple cookbooks that i can not wait to get! 
I have been eating lots more fruit! [working on the vegetable part...] :) 
But my motivation used to be to be able to fit into my "skinny jeans." NO not the actual skinny jeans, but you know what I mean a size of jeans that you only dream of being able to fit into without jumping up and down, laying on the bed and sucking in to button them! :)
BUT I've noticed Kairi starting to do things that I do. And I got to thinking... "what kind of role model am i?" Am I being a good one? What is she learning from me? What is she watching me do? 
A while back we got Kairi some gummy vitamins and tried to sneak them into her fruit snacks since they look just alike. YUCK, I don't like them she says. So what do we do? Quit trying to give them to her. But last week Jonathan and I started taking vitamins. And one day Jonathan was taking his and was talking to Kairi and so he asked her if she wanted one like daddy? YES! Kairi too! So every day she is SO excited to take her vitamin. We all take it at the same time and she says, Daddy, Mommy, Kairi vitamin! :) 
Kairi is the pickiest unhealthiest eater - MY FAULT! And so today when I asked her what she wanted to eat she says PIZZA. And I was going to but then thought No. I'm going to make her exactly what I am having. So I made a turkey sandwich and grapes. She actually took 2 bites of the turkey and 1/2 of a grape! Not much, but more than she EVER has! VICTORY in my books! It gave me hope! Hope to keep trying! {also I prayed before eating and so she wanted to after every bite! she prayed "God, Jesus.... silence...... thank you. Amen"}

She LOVES exercising right along side mommy and daddy!
Doing her PUSH UPS! She does them better than me! :)

I've been talking to her a lot about being "HEALTHY". 
And while I still can't wait to look dang good in some jeans or bathing suit. I have a  much better goal now: to raise my children where they know how to make healthy decisions for themselves.

*what kind of role model do you want to be?
any tips/tricks/advice of how to be a good role model and things you want to teach your child to do and be?


  1. I know what you mean, these girls learn and copy EVERYTHING we do! When I remember this it makes me even more aware of my bad habits that I don't want them copying!

  2. i just love your family! this is a great post. a few months ago i was angry and "UGHHHH-ed" really loud in front of tag. he looked at me and did the exact same thing..but not once or twice. several times. i! he's not even 1 1/2 yet and he's folowwing my bad attitude! yikes! that was a bit of a wake-up call. this was a great reminder! i have poor eating habits, too and tag is starting thanks for this post! you are doing an awesome job and have such a great attitude aobout the whole process!!



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