Aug 18, 2011

Exactly what is Normal?

So lately I've been kinda struggling with "staying home." Not the staying home part, but with wondering if it's ok. Am I still contributing to my family? Or am I just being lazy not wanting to work? I know the correct answers to these but I worry. My whole life I've always said I would NOT be a stay at home mom. Too boring for me! and that I would have some great career doing I was never sure what but something. My mom always told me I was so smart and not to waste it. So I thought I should be a doctor or something. (too bad I don't like blood and illnesses).
Well I struggled through college trying to decide "what I wanted to be when I grew up." I didn't figure that out so I went to Bible college and still didn't know what I wanted to do! But I did find a great husband and I liked being a wife.
I have worked ever since I was 16 part time at a grocery store through high school and well just about any and everything you could think of the first 2 years of college. (I think I went through like 10 jobs! *note I never got fired.) And then a year into being married I got my first full time job at an insurance agency and then got my job at the hospital in 2008. A year ago I went part time again and worked 3 days a week. I LOVED it. I loved staying at home with my girls and having 4 day weekends. Then 2 months ago I went flex - and full time mommy. (I work like 2 days a month at the hospital.)
And WOW I absolutely LOVE it. God has transitioned me into this position.
But my struggle comes with Is it ok to stay home? Am I contributing to my family? Do I hold worth? Am I being lazy?
Like I say I know the answers to these but it is just a foreign thing to me. My mom and dad both worked so I thought that's what I would do. I have a bachelors degree and am still paying for it but I don't use it. Am I wasting my life?
I guess it'd be different if we couldn't pay our bills, or couldn't buy our necessities. But we are still able to live our comfortable but simple life. So I wouldn't change it and I hope to get to stay home for a long long time.
I guess I just am wondering if anyone else struggles with these thoughts. Lol, I guess I'm asking if I'm normal. :)


  1. I completely understand where you are coming from! I've had at least a part time job since I was 15. Now with Preston here, I want to stay home. But I also "want" a lot of things that I don't need too. If I don't work, I don't feel like I should be able to get these "wants". I will be working at the pre-school here in town once a week at least, but that won't bring in a big paycheck.
    I think what you feel is normal. You want what is best for your family, and from my past teaching experiences I know that if the mom stayed home with their child, they were usually ahead of the pack. :) Keep doing what you're doing with your beautiful girls! You won't regret it later!

  2. Thanks everyone for the support and encouraging words. (I also received a couple e-mails from family about this post.) I appreciate it so much. I know where God wants me to be is at home w my girls and I appreciate you guys so much for helping me know it's a good thing! :) How silly I am to doubt God's plan!

  3. from mom: Kc society is making you doubt staying home. Trust me from a lady who sees the benefits of a stay at home mom. I can tell the difference between kids who have a parent who cares and works with them and one who has had to learn to fend for themselves. Do what is right for your family if you can swing everything enjoy the time because they grow too fast…..

    from dad: I would say God brought you to this place for a purpose. Lot's of Mom's stay home and raise their kids until they start school. We would be much better off in this country if more would but it is all what your family priorities are. So I would say if you are playing,teaching discovering new things everyday with your kids,and keeping up with house work as apposed to laying on the couch and not moving all day then you are not lazy and your kids will be way ahead of the curve when they start school.
    ---- I wanted to put these on the comments for when I come back and reread my blog and if I am feeling these thoughts again I can see the encouraging words! :)



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