Jul 8, 2011

What's New?

It's amazing how fast time flies. And I think it's also amazing how my life keeps getting better and better! I'm in love with my little family. My wonderful husband of 4 years. My 2 year old funny girl. & My 4 month old baby girl. And my God. "it's all because of Him"
One of the best things that is new in my life is I am now a house/mom. "House wife/stay at home mom".

Last week was my first week and I am absolutely loving every day. I love being the one to get to take care of my girls from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed - and if they need anything in the middle of the night. I love taking care of the chores around the house (but love that my husband still wants to help). I love having the freedom of "i don't have anything to do tomorrow" - so I get to fill it up with the things i WANT to do. Like watch cartoons, paint Mickey, bake a cake, blow raspberries, lay on the floor, cuddle, and read stories! :) my life is so good!
Another big thing that has changed is we got a new car. Our a/c broke in ours AGAIN & needed new tires AGAIN and we weren't going to put any more money into that car. My parents and hubby & I talked and my mom sold us her car! we LOVE it. It's so fun having a nice dependable car!

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