Jul 22, 2011


This happens every morning. When Kai hears her sister waking up she always says "Kai see Brayce, mommy?" And runs in there and gets into her crib. I stay out and love to listen to them talk and giggle! Brayce looks up to her big sister and Kai just adores Brayce!
I don't know where she came from! (My dad says me! lol)
My 5 month old!!! I am getting to be such a big girl. I love to rool over and be on my tummy! You will never find me in the same spot that you left me. I am happy and love to smile. :) I like to sleep in and play with my sister. I want to crawl so bad!
The girl that brings so much joy to my life!
I'm the luckiest mommy in the world! 
My little best friend!


  1. :) this just made me smile SO big!! i wish we lived closer..as in next door to each other ;)

  2. The house next to us is for sale! :) lol. Me too girl. 10 or whatever hours is way too far!

  3. Such cuties! Looks like you all have alot of fun!



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