Jul 13, 2011

One Sister for Sale

Jonathan and I only want 2 kids and so the time has come to start to get rid of the things they have outgrown. Today I went through Brayce's closet to make room for bigger clothes. She's growing so fast - too fast!! I listed about 100 things on Facebook for sale - check them out and buy them!
I went to look at them again and it made me a bit sad. I can't believe my babies are growing up and I can remember every memory in those clothes. But it would be ridiculous to keep every outfit, there is no room for them. That's one reason I take so many pictures to help capture every memory. I did keep a few clothes,  the very special ones or some of the special occasion ones (hospital etc). They are good clothes and I hope the next owner gets to make just as many memories in those sweet little outfits!!! BUY them please! :)

For the clothes that don't sale from this facebook album, I'm either going to do a garage sale, the Just Between consignment sale, or donate. But I wanted to try this first.

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