Jul 20, 2011

A Happy Home

it may not seem like much, but it's my HOME & it's a happy home. :)
I was reading Jill's blog and she just wrote a post about her house. & I LOVED what she said.
"Being a stay-at-home mom, this house is where I am for most of my week. 
So, of course it needs to be a place I love to be!"

I love my house. I love being a homeowner. Jonathan and I bought our house 3 years ago. I remember between the ages of 18-23 always being sad because I just wanted the stability of being "home" - having a home - where all my stuff had their place. And 3 years ago, I got just that! When we bought this house it was white, smelled like mango's and had a mirror ceiling fan! Yikes! My family helped us move in and my mom is a machine! Within 2 days my house was transformed! 
To a warm and cozy comfortable place to be! 
We have many happy memories in this home. The only thing I don't like about it is it is 7 miles out of town (12 with the bridge currently out). But other than that it is everything I love. We are happy here. 
It's my favorite place to be!

Here are some updated pics of our house:

part of Our Kitchen (obviously)
One of my favorite things in the house - and not because of it holding the food - but all the pictures of my family! :)
Our "office" space
The playroom w/ treadmill

Our living room - the room we spend almost all of our time in. :)
Toy area

Laundry Room - since I stay home now I have stayed on top of all the laundry! Loving that! No more baskets full of clothes ready to be put away! lol
Brayce's bed
When I was pregnant with Brayce we contemplated them sharing a room or turning the playroom into a 2nd bedroom. But we just thought we needed that extra space for toys and stuff. It has worked out SO well, better than I imagined them sharing a room. I LOVE it. So does Kairi! Hoping my girls will always be best friends! :)
Our backyard
One of the best parts of the house - the back deck. Ready for Fall so we can use it again! :)

(P.S. I didn't get any pictures of our bedroom, our bathrooms, or our garage that we turned into a photography studio.)


  1. GORGEOUS! You have the cutest house!!! And now I feel even more encouraged to get my house child and baby friendly. Like removing our glass dinning room table. PLUS, we have a 3 bedroom as well and now I think it's a GREAT decision for the 2 kids to share a room.... :) GREAT POST.

  2. Thanks girl!!! :) yes I would have had the kids share a room even if our 2nd was a boy. I think it's perfectly fine until they were like 6 years old or something. It has been amazing. They both sleep perfectly and don't bother each other. Plus it's so nice to have all of their stuff all right there together. I highly recommend it! :) the extra space is a must for us.



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