Jul 13, 2011

A girl in the Shadow

Tonight I saw a girl in my shadow. A girl that has dreams. A girl that is determined and disciplined. A girl that has a goal. A girl that has reached her goal. A girl that I am becoming. ... And a girl w a pony tail! :)
I have set a goal for myself to run 2 miles 5 days a week. It was 11:45 pm and I hadn't ran yet but instead of saying it's too late, im going to bed! I put on my running shoes!!! I again ran 2 miles without walking! I feel great. I feel in shape - and I'm not talking about my pear shape! I'm not getting out of breath but yet running faster than I ever have. I am becoming the girl I want to be!
... Also started weight watchers again today! I did a 3 day cereal diet to work on my discipline where I couldn't eat anything besides cereal, fruit & veggies, or crackers. I didn't cheat once. So today I began weight watchers. I wanted to do it this time w discipline. Where I would track and not say oh well. I have 30 points a day and today I did just that!
Now I'm not bragging about myself but just trying to celebrate this victory. Because when things get tough & I want to give up - I will have to come back to read this for encouragement. Bc I've quit too many times. I'm too close to quit this time!

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