Mar 23, 2011

Run: I'm CHASING my dream

"I'll Show You How to Live" Sanctus Real "I saw you take your first step and I watched you run with no regret. Chase your dreams and find true love. & The Best is yet to come."

So I've ALWAYS wanted to lose weight. I want to look good and feel good.

A new reason why I want to lose weight. My 2 daughters. I want them to see their mommy and daddy as healthy and fit. I want to be an active parent that is able to play with their kids! I don't want to sit on the sidelines. I want them to grow up seeing that being healthy is important. I want to be a role model. Because I know those little feet are going to follow in my foot steps and their big blue eyes are always watching!

So here it goes - I'm going to lay it out there. I AM going to lose weight... a lot of weight. I will blog about the victories and struggles. My strategy, plan and goals.



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