Feb 3, 2011

What do small groups mean to me?

What is a Life Group? A Life group is a gathering of people who meet regularly to encourage and support one another in their spiritual journey. Get Connected!
Experience Life Together:
Living, learning, eating, playing, and resting together. Sharing our lives with others to create community.
Experience Life in the Word: Sound biblical studies that dive into the Word and open scripture up into our lives for knowledge and application.
Experience Life in Service:
One of the greatest calls put on Christians is to put others before themselves. A life of service for other people. The example set by Christ lived out in community.

Our church, COS (www.grovecos.com) started Life groups 4 years ago. My husband and I have been in 4 different groups so far and we finally feel as though we have found the one where we fit. One where we can contribute but also find answers and advice from others. Some groups we have felt depended on us to keep going, others we felt like we were invisible and others just didn't gel well. I say this to encourage others to keep searching and trying. Not every group is the same and you're not going to fit in every group.
BUT we didn't give up because we knew a small group is something we desperately wanted in our lives. The group we are in currently is with a few other couples around our age and all around the same stage of life. Some of the people are newlyweds, some have kids, some are newer to the faith and some have a faith we can learn and strive to have. I feel as though I have found friends, Christian friends. People who care about me and enjoy coming together to learn and fellowship. We meet once a week and talk about the sermon we heard the previous Sunday (diving into the Word) and what's going on in our lives (building community) - we are living life together.
I am so thankful for my new friends. This is something I've been wanting since moving to Grove. It has encouraged and strengthened my faith. We have not been meeting all that long but I am so excited for this group to keep going and growing - as a group and as individuals.
I am thankful to COS and my Lord for providing this group for us! I am thankful for each member of the group for encouraging me and caring about me! Life is not the same, it is better!

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  1. What a sweet blog! My husband's grandma, Sue Cox, works at the hospital with you. She was talking about how sweet you are and your blog... God Bless, Amber



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