Feb 4, 2011

Are You Listening?

I think children are overlooked at times. When they have something to say, do we stop and listen to them or ignore them and tell them to go about their way?
Children, even the littlest ones, know what they want and have something important to say or they wouldn't be saying "mommy mommy - daddy daddy"!!!
At head start/school, I saw this happen all the time. They would be told to sit down and stop talking, when they really just wanted to share their thoughts with us. Something exciting to them. What would we do if someone always cut us off and didn't care to hear what we had to say?
What are we saying to them if we ignore them when they try to tell us something or show us?
I believe they are hearing go away child you are bothering me and are not important. Maybe even they hear "you're stupid".
So next time your child (or any child) comes to tell you something, I encourage you to get on their level and by that I mean bend down to their height and truly listen. We may just learn something!

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