Jan 13, 2011

Too much protein? - I'm not a meat eater!

Went to the doctor today - I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Dr Thomas did an ultrasound - Brayce is no longer breech! YAY! He thinks she is around 5.5 pounds already! My blood pressure was high today so they tested my urine for protein and found some! So they had me come back in to do lab tests - anxiously waiting for the results!!! I also have to do that 24 hour urine but won't be able to turn it back in until Saturday morning. I think I have to go back to the doctor's office in the morning to check my blood pressure again. Hoping it's gone back down. They are watching for signs of pre-eclampsia. However the doctor said if we did have to deliver soon, the baby is old enough now and he is not worried!
But my guess is the lab results are going to come back normal and protein won't be at a level of concern! My little girl is going to stay put for awhile, I bet! :)
So today I'm at home relaxing with my girl, watching movies and about to take a relaxing bath! :)

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