Jan 21, 2011

Changing Directions

So I've changed my mind. I've decided to be patient. :) Why rush my Brayce here? She is in my tummy growing strong and healthy and needs to stay there a few more weeks! I wish I knew the exact day that she will be here so I can plan for it, but I am going to surrender that I do not know. I am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Went to the doctor today and it went great. Blood pressure was normal. I go back next week for my next check up. So until then I am just going to enjoy Brayce in my belly. Even though I am now at the point I have no energy to do anything and am tired of being this big, BUT soon it will change so I'm going to stop complaining and wait patiently! :) I am thankful for the support of my husband. He is always by my side. He has come to every doctor's appointment with me and I am one lucky girl that he is mine! I am so excited that we soon will be a complete little family. My hubby, me and our 2 sweet daughters! How blessed am I!?!

Changing Directions:
A few short years ago, I was "a bit" wild and crazy. I was not walking the path of the Lord AT ALL. Well with the help of a few friends and by the Grace of God I rededicated my life to Jesus and was saved. I knew I had to make changes in my life and get away from the bad influences. So I did what any normal person would do... I packed my bags and moved 8 hours away from home to go to Bible College.
So I am working hard at changing who I am and growing in who God wants me to be and not long after being there a group of people, "my friends" told me I was going to Hell! What?!? Why?! I don't understand! I am where God wants me to be now and I have a relationship with him!
Why would you say this to a fragile new believer trying to make the right choices in her life? Well, they believe that you have to be baptized to go to Heaven. I stated I had been. I was baptized as a baby in my church. Nope! They intently agreed that I would go to Hell if I was not fully immersed.
Sometimes Christians do not think about the things they say and how they say them and to who they say them too. I now do believe in immersion baptism (not as a salvation issue though) and was baptized by my sweet husband. BUT I still recall that conversation and the damage it did to my faith when I was so vulnerable and fragile. I wanted to kick and scream and cry and say if you only knew where I was a month ago and how far I have come!
I say all this not to argue about baptism being a HAVE to OR a sign of faith. But I say this as a reminder to always tell the truth but remember who you are talking to. Meet people where they are and help them find the path Jesus wants them to take by being tactful and loving and holding their hand along the way.
I am thankful for the Grace that Jesus poured into my life, the forgiveness He gave me though I didn't deserve it! I am thankful to be His Child!


  1. I will always be there to support you :) and u are right we need to meet people where they are and know where they have been

  2. That's a really good reminder KC. :) Praise God that you stayed strong and are now one Godly woman! <3



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