Jan 20, 2011

Random Update

Well not much to say. Sometimes I feel like my blog is VERY boring because I am not fancy with words and all that insightful BUT it's just my day to day life about my wonderful family and life. So if all this blog accomplishes is a place for me to look back and see what fun things Kairi did and different moments in my life. I say it's a success! :)
Today is a snow day and I am at home with my family! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my family so much! I love how we don't have to do anything to have a good time together.
Jonathan has been sick for 4 weeks now with sinus infection and a bad cough. We are praying that he starts to feel better NOW!
Tomorrow I go back to the doctor! Yay! It's my 35 week check up. I am getting so impatient. I'm so ready for her to be here!!! I know I shouldn't rush it along so fast. This is the last time I'm going to be pregnant so I should just try to enjoy this last month but I am READY. I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and 2 healthy daughters. God has truly blessed me!
Well this was just a random little update. And here are a few pics from this month.

34 weeks pregnant

Kairi at tumbling! Definitely the cutest one in the class! :)

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