Nov 1, 2009

Why did God create the appendix?

I love my church! COS you are amazing! I love the sermons and music but more importantly I love the people. I love my church family! People who help me with my spiritual strength and would be there no matter what my need. People who love me! They are so fun!

Yesterday was Halloween! Kairi's first. Some people don't believe as a Christian you should participate in Halloween but is there any harm if you just dress up to get candy? I don't think so. I think it should be looked at as fun for kids so I hope that God doesn't frown upon us for it! I don't mean it as any worship to the Devil.

My daughter is the best baby in the world. She is so so so sweet and such a good sleeper which are major points for being the best baby. I love being a mommy and she makes it so easy! Let's hope this lasts through being a teenager! :)

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