Oct 29, 2009


So of course it's raining again and we have to move back taking pictures to Monday. I am just hoping there are still some leaves on the trees then! I am excited to take them and due to the weather we have had to move the time 4 different times! I guess I should just get used to that! I am looking at photography studio kits to put in my home. :)
The girls in my small group at youthquake want to start a bible study for them. So I am going to host it at my house on Sunday nights. It makes me happy that they want to do this and I hope they make it theirs. There are 10 girls that are wanting to do this so I'm sure we are going to have a lot of fun and I am excited because I think I will grow and learn from this. I hope I can be a good influence in their lives and they can be impacted where they carry their faith with them to college and beyond! College is tough!! so not only do you have to take the lessons learned from high school - having a bible study also forms a habit to find or create a group of christian believers where you meet together and have that fellowship. Fellowship is so important to be sharpened and sharpen others. So anyways I am very much looking forward to this. Jonathan and I are going to be joining the Sunday morning life group so I can have this on Sunday nights.
I am thankful for the role models I have of my parents and Jonathan's parents. They have strong marriages and have been together for 31 years. I used to not have any trust in guys (if you know my track record you can imagine why) but Jonathan is different than anyone I've ever been with and he is so good and nice. I truly believe that he would never do anything to hurt me and that we will be happily together forever. God has blessed me with a husband and a best friend that loves me. I do not deserve him but i am so thankful God decided that didn't matter and let him be my better half!
We are taking Jack home tonight!!!

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  1. you deserve way more than you think, way more than me



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