Dec 19, 2008


Well only 1 week until Christmas, and then it's 2009 already! TIME FLIES. I have to work Christmas day and then the day after we are traveling to KFR to see my side of the family. I am excited that I get to go down there and spend the weekend!

Monday, the 22nd I will be 30 weeks! AGHH only 10 left! :) I have a doctor's appointment where I will get an ultrasound and see how big my baby girl is. I don't know how big she is, but she sure is making her mommy bigger. She has been kicking me! I LOVE IT. I love to feel her move and watch my tummy bounce up and down - I think I look like a dinosaur egg when she moves like that. A couple nights ago we let her listen to some music (fundamental elements, of course) w/ headphones and boy did she dance and move. (She either loved it and was boogying or she hated it and wanted to kick it away!) Either way it was fun for her daddy and me!! :)

My nieces and nephew are still adorably cute. Edy just turned 1 and will have a little brother in a month or 2. I met my family in Tulsa a couple weeks ago and Lily is just as sweet as can be. She's growing too much of course!

Work is going just fine. Still getting used to the 40 hour a week 52 weeks a year thing. But I do like my job so that helps. But still some days I just want to lay in bed all day... ok a lot of days. :)

JD GRADUATED COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!! yay!! no more driving to Joplin every day! I'm proud of him, but I knew he would finish. He's a smartie!

Jonathan and I have been doing great. Loving married life and we have kind of started a new project of remodeling the garage into a poker/game room. We're not very far along in the process yet - so far we have disorganized the junk in our garage trying to get rid of a lot of it. That's all so far. But I'm excited to add the space to the house and he is going to start a poker ministry so that'll be awesome (as long as he let's me play too every once in awhile).

I don't know much else - other than I'm ready for Kairi to come out and play!

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