Nov 5, 2008


new wall color. soft and sweet light mint green. SO CUTE.
Mom, Morg, and the kiddos came up and helped paint Kairi's room (actually they did paint it w/out help). I love it!!

23 weeks pregnant!

I had a doctor's appointment today. Things are still good. The baby is breech right now but still has plenty of time to move around and turn. I'm not feeling a lot of movement yet. Sometimes I think it's her kicking but I'm not really sure. He says I should be able to tell in the next couple weeks. But she is moving in there!! :) I saw her today and she is growing and is still a girl!
Going shopping in Branson w/ Lynda this weekend. I'm excited for our girls get-away. I think JD is nervous though! :)
My friend Meggie finds out what she's having tomorrow. I can't decide if I think it's a girl or a boy. But I'll know in 12 hours! :) yay, so fun!
We have soooo many leaves at our house. They're up to my knees! But i LOVE fall weather! It's perfect!

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