Jun 3, 2008

Too busy for Church? Think again...

(My husband wrote this this morning and I encourage whoever reads this to stop and think about it!!!! We all have the same amount of time in a day, God has given us enough! If we are too busy, then we need to cut out some things and reprioritize our lives!!)

So i got to thinking this morning about how people say they are just too busy. Especially for church, when the fact of the matter is church is the only time during the week people spend worshipping God.All of us only have 24 hours in a day, no matter how much we try to cram into those hours, it still only come down to 24 hours in a day.

Week Scale:24 hours in a day = 168 hours in a week
If we spend 8 hours a night sleeping (56 hours a week) and 40 hours working that is 96 taken hours in a week
That leaves us with 72 free hours a week.
Out of those hour the most time we spend in worship to God is usually 3
That still leaves us with 69 free hours in a week if we go to church for 3 hours, almost 10 hours a day!

Month scale (4 week model):168 hrs. week x 4 weeks in a month = 672 hours in a month
96 hours a week sleeping and working x 4 weeks = 384 hours of taken time
72 hours a week free time x 4 weeks = 288 free hours a month
3 hours of church a week x 4 weeks = 12 hours a month
276 free hours left

Year Scale (52 week year):168 hours a week x 52 weeks = 8736 hours a year
96 hours working and sleeping a week x 52 weeks = 4992 hours working and sleeping a year
72 hours of free time a week x 52 weeks = 3744 free hours a year
3 hours a week at church x 52 weeks = 156 hours of church a year
That still leaves 3,588 hours a year of free time

Whether it be the week, month or year scale if we only spend 3 hours a week in worship and time with God that is only 4.16 % of our time, not even half a tithe of our free time! It is only 1.78% of all of our allotted time.

We call ourselves Christians, people who have a heart for God and yet at most we spend 4% of our time with God, and sometimes not even that. If we spend 3 hours in tim with God a week we are giving him 1/5 of a tithe. Where is our times going? What's most important in our lives?God has created us and given us one life to live, what are we doing with it?

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