Jun 17, 2008

One ends and Another begins...

Eeeeekkk!!!!!! OK it's official, I got a new job! My last day as a receptionist at the insurance company is next Friday and then I'll begin at the hospital on June 30th. I am going to be doing sort of the same thing - an access coordinator/receptionist clerk. [Telling my boss that I was leaving went good, he wished me luck at the hospital and that was it.]
BUT it's just such a good feeling to be getting out of where I am and start new. Working here for a year, I have learned a lot and grown. However, when I'm at work I have no joy anymore and that makes me sad. I want to be the same person at work as I am away from work doing the things I enjoy. So a new environment was needed. :)
Plus something that has been bothering me for the past year has been our health insurance - I mean this thing has bothered me many days and nights. And now I don't have to worry anymore. Well, in 3 weeks I'll have a good health insurance plan at the hospital that costs SOOO much less and is better coverage. I am so happy about this.
So today after I was feeling out the paperwork at the hospital I got a fear in my heart. OH NO.. i think this position these hours are during the NIGHTS.. 11-7 at night! oh no... so I talked w/ my supporting husband and we concluded that we could do this and make it work. We would adjust and would trust that God would work it out. i trust God and if this is what it takes, then we can do it, i can do it. He will open a door after this one that will be perfect too.
So we decided no matter what God would work it out and it would be ok. So after I got calmed down a little I called my new boss and asked her and she said it was during the DAYS. YAY!!!! I wanted to jump up and down. I could have and would have done it, but God has good plans for those who love him. And I do love him and I know he has my best interest in mind. Now, even if it would have been at nights, I would have still praised God and said thank you. He is good no matter what!

So listen to how wonderful my husband is. Last night I get home and I see a movie I had been wanting, the Little Mermaid, sitting on the coffee table and I was like why is that there? And he was like because we're celebrating! And I looked at him really stupidly and was like, "Huh? What are we celebrating?" and then it dawned on me... DUH MY NEW JOB!!!! he had gotten me a movie and made me supper and had it all ready for when I got home! He is SOOOO good to me!!! :)

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