Jun 16, 2008

His Plan

After all my stresses and worries.... God provided. He always does. Why did I worry in the first place? My God is my provider!!! Like I said a few posts ago, I get mixed up where the line is on doing my part and letting God be in control. I have no fear that God has plans for my life and my future and I will trust Him completely. God is the biggest thing there is!!!!

So I have been reading a book series, it's like a Christian soap opera about a Christian family and their lives. At first I thought it was just ok but still one of those books you stay up until 2 am reading every night. But today while driving to work I realized the lessons I'm learning from these books. I'm learning to be in constant prayer and my thoughts always directed towards God and his will in my life. I am finding myself thinking about God all the time and thanking him for every blessing in my life. Instead of just at night before I go to sleep!

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