Apr 30, 2008


so a couple nights ago I was talking to one of my old friends from college, catching up and she was asking how my job was and such. and i was like oh you know it's ok... but definitely not what i want to do when i grow up and yada yada... And then she told me this.... "yeah, the older i get the more i think a job is just a job, i mean, you try to enjoy it and stuff...the other day one of my friends reminded me Jesus was a carpenter. He had a job, it just wasn't as cool as his other job." And that was my AH HA moment. How great!
I have been searching for something that is my passion as my job. And people have said that doesn't always happen and sometimes a job is a job... but I still was in search (more in my thoughts than my actions)... And when she said that, i was like you know what, my job may never be my "dream" job because I don't know what my dream job is. But my OTHER job as a Christian, a preacher's wife, a wife, a daughter/sister, friend, someday a mom... is my important job. The other one I just have to make it the best it can be because it allows me to be able to... well bring home the bacon.

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