Mar 9, 2008


So I had a great weekend! My parents came up to visit JD and me. We just hung out, watched a couple movies, went antique shopping and played with our puppies. I think my mom liked Booger a little bit, of course after Boogs warmed up to her! I'm so glad they visited! Plus we found an antique mall that my mom loved so they'll definitely come back again! :)

JD preached this morning at church and did an amazing job of course! He preached about rediscovering prayer and how prayer is God's gift to us. I am so proud of him!
We had a great lazy Sunday today. 57 degrees outside! We walked to the park and played fetch w/ our pups. (Yes, the park is right outside our front door, but hey it sounded good!) They are passed out next to me on the couch. Sunny days make me happy!
I'm going to be an aunt again!! YAY, I love being an aunt and I LOVE all my nieces and my nephew! My sister's due the first of October.

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