Feb 28, 2008

T minus 10, 9, 8....

Ok so I did it! I've LOST my first 10 pounds!! It took 6 weeks, but I did it!!!!!! YAY! Actually, I lost 10.5 if we want to be exact! I have ordered an elliptical from Wal-Mart and I am waiting on it to get it so I can start exercising even a little bit! Losing weight is fun. This weight watchers is SO easy!

So no news on the envelope yet... it should be 2 more weeks until I hear anything. I am still praying for it, a lot!!!
We haven't done anything on the house hunting! We filled out some paperwork but haven't went back in the bank yet to get approved for a loan.
Last night at youth group we were talking about being influencers to our friends. And I thought about the time in my life when a friend influenced me to make the biggest decision of my life, to accept Jesus Christ into my life. I was telling my high school girls how important it is to not just be "good girls" but to make a difference by telling people about Christ and to invite others to get to know Him.

I always forget the importance of this because it is so easy to just "hang out" and I get very content just being with my husband watching movies at our house. Not that it's wrong to do that, but why are we here? I want to make a difference in God's Kingdom!!
I miss my family I wasn't able to go down to Emmy's birthday because of being sick and the weather and such. My parents are coming up in a week for the whole weekend!!!
I am SOOOO excited!! and the weekend after that I am going to get to spend the weekend w/ 2 of my best friends and their husbands!! yay!

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