Jan 25, 2008


So yesterday was our first Ladies Lunch Bunch. Heather and I started a small group for women on Thursdays at lunch time. It's a group to be accountable to read our bibles everyday and get into the Word of God. Man, we're excited!! There were 9 ladies at our first group. We have decided to start in Matthew and read 6 chapters a week. I see God doing great things in this group.

So hopefully Booger will be having puppies in a couple months!!! Her man Champ and her have been together all week so...
check out our website for the pups: http://web.mac.com/jd.whitney/Little_Bettys_Doodles/Home.html

This weekend we are going to Pip and Amanda's and I will FINALLY get to meet my niece, Edy!! I can not wait!! Pip is getting ordained as a minister.

Last weekend we went to KFR just for the day. Josh got baptized in the Catholic church. He is so handsome! JD and I went to a service and it was interesting. I had never been to one before, definitely different than anything I had ever experienced.

I decided I do not like day trips to see family. Not enough time. I was sad to leave.

Jonathan started school again, one more semester after this one. I'm ready for him to be done, I know he's ready too!

Last week, the 15th, was my first day of Weight Watchers. I AM PUMPED ABOUT IT!! I say, any amount down is good! I started out at a really high number and I have a lot to lose, but weight watchers is so great and easy to do. Everything is points! I lost a few pounds my first week and every Tuesday I will weigh in and hopefully keep losing! I'm really not going to give up on this, so you guys don't let me!! So by next year there will be a new me! YAY!

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