Dec 15, 2007

Snowy Saturday

Tomorrow I go to Tulsa to take a 3 day class to become licensed as an insurance agent, and on Thursday I will take the test. I heard the test is hard and I really don't want to have to come back to work on Friday to tell everyone I didn't pass. So HOPEFULLY I will learn a lot in the 8 hour a day class and then I will study all night and then PASS the test!! So anyways, if you want to shoot up a prayer for me about that, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

I LOVE Saturdays. This morning JD and I didn't wake up till 11!! It snowed ALL day today. JD and Mike were outside building a fence at Mike and Lynda's house.. in the snow! I think they froze, but they got a lot done! Lynda and I were inside getting frustrated because the Christmas gifts we are making for our families weren't going like we wanted them to. But after all day of JD and I working on them... we got half of them finished. I like the finished project so hopefully my family will too! :)
JD isn't feeling well, neither is Mike... prayers for healing there! Poor boys.

This coming Friday, JD and I are going KFR to have Christmas with my family!! YAY!! I am so very excited!! I haven't seen Josh since he was 2 weeks old and he is now 2 months so that will be very fun. And of course it is ALWAYS fun to see Katon and Emmy. ... but we do have to leave our dogs starting tomorrow ALL the way until next Tuesday.. that makes me SAD!!
Did I mention how happy I am that JD is back at home with me? VERY!!

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