Dec 28, 2007

Some say PATIENCE is virtue...

Sometimes you have to wait for things you want now, other times you get things a lot sooner than you would like them. But that is when you HAVE to trust in God's PERFECT timing. Mike preached a sermon this past month about how God had impeccable timing, today I am trying my hardest to believe in that.
I wanted some answers today and I was not given those, so now my patience is being tested. Why is it that humans are always "ready" for that next step?
On another note...
I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, eye brows waxed, and a pedicure! WOOHOO!! Then the 4 of us are going to Joplin for some shopping and to watch a movie.
My husband got a new computer, an Apple. Man, it is nice!! He's actually letting me play on it right now. I want one, but I want one of those 27" desk top ones.. haha I will wait a few years for that, I might win the lottery by then!
Mike & Lynda got back today from visiting baby Edy. They had tons of pics, she is a CUTIE. I really wish I could go meet her!

My Christmas was so nice!!! Going home was so great and we had so much fun with my family. I didn't get to see a lot of my friends, which stinks, but there's always next time. My nephew has gotten so much bigger, he's so cute! I held him, A LOT!
My nieces are so sweet. Santa came and saw them, they must have been really good. My niece got me a bracelet that she picked out herself and wrapped herself and everything.

Santa came to JD and I's house while we were in Kingfisher! :)

Lynda made us this picture

We got a gift certificate to Petsmart to buy some dog trimmers!!!

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