Dec 22, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

Well, I'm at home in KFR. I am soaking in some family time. I went and saw my nephew tonight and held him for a couple hours. He is absolutely adorable and is growing fast. He is now 2 months old. And last night when we got into town we went over to my other sister's house and hung out with my 2 nieces for a few hours and played with them (they are 4 and 1 1/2). They are precious and were oh so excited to see us. And believe me I was VERY HAPPY to see them. They light up my world.

I love my family and am so thankful for the few days I get to be here. We were supposed to have a family Christmas thing tonight at my aunts house, but the weather is yucky, cold, snowy, icy... so it was cancelled.

JD and I have been sick for the past week, yuck! Head Cold! but with plenty of medicine we are feeling a little better.

I PASSED the insurance test!!!!!! I was SO very happy. I took the class and studied hard for 3 days and Thursday took the test, and said a little prayer and pushed finish. And it popped up with the results, and it said PASS!!!! yay!! Now that was a good feeling! :)

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